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Future Trends: Assisted Living Jobs

Maybe you’re looking to make a career move to a new field, one where you can feel a sense of purpose and meaning, but where you’ll have job security and opportunities, too. Is moving to assisted living or memory care a wise choice? Or perhaps you already love what you do, but you’re asking yourself, “Are there better assisted living jobs near me? Is there a future for me in this kind of work?” Well, there’s one answer to all of these questions: yes.

In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, caring for seniors is one of the fastest growing professions in the U.S. They estimate that the number of assisted living jobs and memory care jobs will rise dramatically, much higher than jobs in other industries. Caregivers (also known as certified nursing assistants, or CNAs) are estimated to be in high demand, with a 41% projected rise between 2016 and 2026.

For those who love providing care for seniors, but also want to explore opportunities to grow into other positions, there’s also good news. The demand for licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) is expected to climb faster than other professions, too, at 14% between 2016 and 2026. These are also considered assisted living jobs, and are positions found in memory care communities as well.

Growth in assisted living jobs and memory care jobs may start with caregivers and nurses, but it won’t end there. As more and more Baby Boomers require some daily assistance to live a happy, fulfilling life or come to need memory care, more communities are needed. Each of these communities will require many different positions. Curious about what those positions are? You can read more about them on our Jobs page.

If you’re thinking about a move to this field, or already work with seniors, we have a few things for you to consider.

Just considering this for the first time? Ask yourself, am I cut out for this kind of work?

Agemark communities, from our Kensington Evergreen assisted living communities to our CountryHouse memory care communities, and our TreVista and Astoria communities that provide a combination of care, find that the most successful employees in assisted living jobs or memory care jobs, no matter what role they serve in, have these things in common:

  • A strong love for seniors. This might mean you loved talking with your grandma or listening to your grandfather’s jokes. It may be that you had an older neighbor you loved to bake or go fishing with. You simply understand the value of seniors, and you enjoy time with them.
  • A compassionate heart. While we focus on moments of joy and creating opportunities for our residents to do the things they’ve always dreamed of doing, assisted living jobs and memory care jobs can be challenging some days! But like in any job, there should be a balance. We want our employees to meet needs, such as helping residents with their daily life tasks or making sure they have necessary medications. But those are a given! Success is doing these things with kindness and ensuring that every resident feels important, respected and cared for. Having a compassionate heart that finds joy serving others is the key to success.

If these sound like you, then you’ll want to check out the opportunities near you on our Jobs page! Just scroll down and choose the Agemark community near you.

Already working in senior care? Ask yourself, am I really happy where I’m currently working?

  • How’s the culture? Are you working in an environment where treating residents with kindness, forging strong, caring bonds with them and taking all the time needed to meet their needs is not only encouraged but celebrated? Does your team feel like a supportive family that cares about you? Yes, assisted living jobs exist in communities like that… just explore what our employees say. The environment for both seniors and staff varies from company to company. Explore your options.
  • Are you treated well? Beyond that, however, is a whole list of things that are just as important: are you eligible for medical insurance, paid time off and holiday pay and other important benefits? Do you have opportunities to learn and grow? If you had a serious life event, do you feel your employer would be supportive of you and your family? Here’s a list of benefits that dedicated employees in assisted living jobs and memory care jobs deserve. At least that’s our view at Agemark.

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