Why do you get up each morning and go to work?

The reason we do what we do, the reason we work hard and focus on our goals at Agemark is much deeper than simply to grow professionally or make a living. From our senior leaders to our part-time employees in communities all over the country, what drives us is bigger – and more valuable – than simply a way to gain recognition or provide for our families. Our purpose is what drives us.

That purpose: to change lives.

When we change lives, we change ourselves.

Agemark communities don’t just have a positive impact on the seniors who call them home. This caring environment affects our employees, too. You’ll grow professionally here, learning new skills and making advancements. The difference in an Agemark community is the deeply meaningful relationships employees form with residents and with each other. No matter what role you play on the staff, this will be a part of your day.
  • The laughs and smiles you see on residents’ faces during a daily outing.
  • Knowing that a person living with Alzheimer’s disease recognizes you and looks forward to seeing you each time you start your shift.
  • The honor of listening to the life stories of someone who has seen so much in their years, while simply changing a lightbulb or cleaning a room as part of your job.
  • The delight and comfort you hear from a resident who enjoys the food you prepare for them or serve them.
These everyday details of working with residents make a job in an Agemark community a life-changing, life-affirming, life-enhancing experience. And that, beyond all else, is our purpose. We are here to provide love, hope and comfort to the seniors who come into our communities, and to the employees who are part of our Agemark family.

We’re here to change lives. If you’re ready for a change, come and join us.