We're more than a company. We’re a family.

You hear it everywhere – companies describing themselves as a family. But families are all different, and so is the way they look at work and life. For some ‘company families’, that means work is your life. For us, life is our work – changing lives, improving lives, honoring lives. And that’s what makes us the best kind of family, for our employees, our residents and their loved ones.

Our Roots Are in Family

When our founders partnered together, few people in the U.S. knew what assisted living was. It was the mid-1980s, and options for seniors who needed just a little support, but not a high level of medical care, were scarce.

Agemark’s founders decided to form a company focused on creating communities where seniors could receive just the amount of support they needed, while still being able to live fulfilling lives with new experiences, adventures and moments of joy.

They made one very important pledge: to hold as their standard that they would be comfortable choosing any Agemark community for their own loved ones, if the need arose. That meant every community would truly become a home and a family for the seniors who lived in them.

A Promise Kept

That pledge – to make sure every person who called an Agemark community home would feel valued and cared for – is at the very heart of what we do today. It is still the way we measure decisions, the guide we use as we grow and the ultimate measure of our success.

But that pledge wasn’t just to residents! From the beginning, we understood that to keep the promise, the people who cared for our seniors and spent their days with them had to feel like family, too.